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About Nicole


About five years ago, I was working as a marketing coordinator for a small company. We had just launched a new brand and I was challenged with the task of adding them to Amazon. The company’s budget was tight. As in, we didn’t have an email provider tight, and I was only given $20 to create Facebook ads. I’m the type of person who always finds a way of doing things, even if they’re a bit peculiar or unconventional. So I built an email list in a Word doc over the span of several months. When the products were finally launched on Amazon, I personally emailed each person, on my makeshift email list. Within 24 hours, all five of our products became the top 10 best-sellers in our category on Amazon.

Shortly after, I became an entrepreneur for the first time. I didn’t have a plan so spoiler alert – it ended quickly. During my entrepreneurial discovery phase, I experimented with a range of niches, platforms and marketing tricks. I wrote my first book The Marketing To Do List. It quickly became an Amazon best-seller in our category. I promoted the book on several book review platforms and had connections with bloggers to make it a success. It wasn’t a success. But it did give me my first pay cheque as an entrepreneur and that was the best feeling.

Shortly after, I tried my hand at Fiverr where I wrote press releases, blog copy and other web content. Making $5 for a 500 word piece wasn’t sustainable so that didn’t last. So I tried my hand at being an Amazon affiliate. I built three stores in various niches: home decor, weddings, and board games. I even ran my own personal blog. From personal experience, here’s a piece of advice: never run more than one store your first time. You’re gonna spread yourself thin.

While building my online stores on WooCommerce, I realized something: I really love ecommerce. Not in a 'oh this is kinda fun way, but in a I never want to do anything else kinda way.' All day, all night. For the rest of my life.

However, eventually my savings had been depleted and I wasn’t making enough money to make it work as an entrepreneur. I decided to go back to the 9 to 5 to get out of debt (business and student loans).  After a year and a half, I was debt free and dived into an entrepreneurship again but with a plan.

I focused on building up one online store. To avoid falling into the same traps, I began freelancing for brands like Oberlo, Shopify and A Better Lemonade Stand. I would experiment with different aspects on my store and share my results with other entrepreneurs. If a customer loyalty program email converted really well, I’d share the exact word-for-word template I used. If a marketing hack proved to be profitable, I’d share the exact steps I did so that other entrepreneurs could try it out themselves kinda like I did in my free ebook 50 Ways to Get Sales with Dropshipping. The more I shared, the more people would share with me, making me a better entrepreneur each day. I currently own a network of ecommerce stores that keep growing.


Each day, I wake up bright and early and I do what I love. I work on my stores. I talk about cool things other ecommerce sites are doing. I’m constantly trying new things. Some of the new hacks work really well and have boosted sales while others have fallen flat. I’ve learned that the secret to being okay with constant failure is to call them experiments. They’re not mistakes. They’re just experiments that had different results than expected. The great thing about entrepreneurship is that learning from failed experiments gives you a competitive advantage.

By joining me on this journey, you’ll discover new tricks that top ecommerce stores are doing. You’ll learn new strategies and tactics from the experiments I run. You might even find yourself inspired to try something different or for the first time.

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